Suitcase wanted to create a beautifully printed magazine, using a mix of materials which would enhance their photography and add to the readers’ experience.

The schedule for this Suitcase project was expectantly tight due to the volume of imagery and content which needed time for finalising in the Suitcase studio.

Using our new Upload system, the files were quickly sent into CPI. They were viewed as a pdf flick book within 10 minute an confirmation to proof can was given. This made the initial production and proofing a lot quicker.

Arias printing, the use of our 12 colour Heidelberg Perfector and 2 x XL 6 presses made the on-press checking and passing very quick, and allows the magazine to be produced on time.

“Printing with CPI Colour has been a great decision, their proactive approach to our production has given us the extra time to finalise our artwork and take the magazine content quality up another level.”

Sebastian Bland, Design Director

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