Jigsaw Direct Mail

Jigsaw - AW - Direct Mail

The Brief

Jigsaw operates around 80 stores in the UK as well as around 50 concessions featuring in department stores. They wanted to adopt a below-the-line strategy that worked in conjunction with their existing digital channels driving customer purchases in-store and online, targeting both new and existing recipients.

The Solution

Working closely with the Jigsaw marketing team, CPI collaborated on a printed direct mail campaign. This was a new channel for the client and we wanted to demonstrate that a well-executed DM campaign would benefit them with increased revenue from both new and existing clients. CPI provided highly targeted acquisition lists that profiled individuals with a high propensity to purchase in the luxury goods market and with Jigsaw’s competitors.

Consultation was provided in designing a direct mail piece including; eye-tracking software, solutions around format and paper stocks to gain better economies of scale for production, fulfilment and postage costs. A series of different offers and covers were tested to build the strategic model for future campaigns that tied in with key dates in the retail calendar going in to 2019.

The Results

In total we produced 50k Direct Mail catalogues for Jigsaw. 30k delivered to loyal, active Jigsaw customers (House) who have purchased in the last 12 months and 20k to the targeted prospects identified by CPI. The House customers produced an impressive response rate of 13% (over 5,300 orders) with an Average Order Value (AOV) of £184 compared to the prospected list which had a 0.79% response rate but achieved a higher AOV of £200. The DM campaign surpassed the clients expectations and the ROI far exceeded the campaign costs.

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