Jigsaw - Style & Truth


We have been working with Jigsaw for some time and developed a collaborative working relationship over the production of several of their clothing catalogues. Our knowledge and expertise has been intricate in guiding the Jigsaw marketing and design team to achieve the results they hoped for.

This Spring/Summer 2018 campaign for “Style & Truth” magazine required two versions with two different covers. One cover would represent their joint campaign with Kodak while the other would focus on their own collection. A limited-edition VIP version consisting of 1,300 copies also included a piece of fabric from the collection, tipped on to a relevant page (this has become a signature of Jigsaw magazines).

800 of these editions were mailed in a bespoke “Jigsaw blue” branded envelope which CPI personalised and unique voucher which was all completed in-house.

We also mailed a media pack of the Kodak cover version to 50 press offices. The pack consisted of the magazine, a personalised Kodak envelope on Colorplan® Citrine (containing a negative-style bookmark) and a Kodak t-shirt.

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