Fraser Yachts

Fraser Yachts

Having successfully worked on previous Fraser Yachts directory, we wanted to maintain the quality this year but reduce the size slightly for easier use and also to save distribution costs which had risen over the last few years.

Timings are always tight as information from the worldwide team at Fraser about each boat always takes longer to process and check. More testing would also be needed to get the optimum size book and the right combination of papers and weights. The book would again be 300 pages, and the delivery had to be made the first week of January 2018 to hit the distribution schedule.

Several dummies were produced to confirm the correct final book specification and make sure the new size was compatible.

We created a timeline in order to hit all of the key production stages before Christmas with only final elements such as adding the belly band and packing to be done over the first few days of January.

Advance copies were sent out to Monaco before Christmas, which allowed the marketing team to get working on their new campaign quicker. Our worldwide distribution capabilities ensured smooth delivery.

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