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CPI Books

CPI Books UK is a leading book printing Group, producing books in mono, 2 and 4 colours, across multiple channels including; Trade, STMA, Tax, Law, Bibles, Catalogues, as well as Self-Publishing.

It manufactures across seven sites, CPI Books (Trade), CPI Antony Rowe (STMA and Digital), CPI William Clowes (Professional), CPI Colour (Colour Litho Books), producing around 160 million books every year, as well as countless journals and loose-leaf products. Producing anything from a single copy Print on Demand (PoD) to a million copies of the latest best seller, and everything in between.

Heavily invested, CPI leads the market with the latest deployment of inkjet digital technology, with integrated warehousing, distribution and supply-chain solutions. Dedicated to working with publishers to drive a lower total cost of operation.

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A hardback book printed by CPI Books called the Moaning of life with

CPI Books

CPI Books in Chatham is our largest book manufacturing site in the UK, with 194 staff making an average of 400,000 books every 24 hours. Founded in 1857, the company was acquired by CPI in 1999.

Hard back book printed by CPI Books by the author Terry Pratchett with an embossed finish

Leading Print Group

CPI Books is one of the country’s leading print groups, employing 900 people across seven locations. It manufactures around 160 million books every year, as well as countless journals and commercial print products. The company is a full-service provider to the publishing industry, offering design/typesetting, ebook conversion, paper supply, warehousing and distribution.

Wonkey Donkey childrens paper back book printed by CPI Books

CPI Books UK is part of CPI Group, the largest book printer in Europe with the capacity to manufacture 700 million books each year and employing 2,500 people across 17 plants in five different countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Czech Republic). The group prints 500 million pages every day and handles 45,000 orders each month.