SustainabilityThe CPI Group (UK) Ltd is fully committed to preventing pollution, and making continual improvements to minimise the organisation’s effect on the environment.

ISO14001 Certified

This is an internationally recognised environmental quality standard requiring us to manage our supply chain, operations and waste streams in a responsible manner, minimising our impact on the environment and constantly improving our processes.

FSC® Certified

This means that we fully comply with the chain of custody requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC). The FSC ensures that there is a transparent chain of custody from the forest, through the paper manufacturing cycle to the final printed product. This guarantees that the raw material used is from a responsibly managed source.

CRC/CCA committed

We have signed up to the government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) and continue to meet all targets in relation to both of these schemes which aim to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Sedex member

Sedex is a global organisation that scrutinises the conditions under which people work both in our own organisation and our supply chain. It ensures that social and employee welfare standards are maintained and promoted, the working environment is safe and individuals are not subject to unacceptable working practices.

Valpak Waste Scheme

Our commitment to the VPWS (Valpak Packaging Waste Scheme) results in a year-on-year reduction of all packaging waste. Furthermore, 90% of all our waste is recycled, reducing what is sent to landfill.